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house_fest's Journal

The Gregory House Fanfic Fest Community
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Home for the fanfic fest celebrating the cranky and wonderful Dr. Gregory House.

Welcome to Round One of House Fest

Round One Important Dates:

10/16/09 until 11/30/09 - Prompt submissions accepted

12/01/09 - Start claiming prompts and writing. You may claim prompts up until the day posting beings.

01/10/10 - Community opens up for posting. Please to do not post fics elsewhere until they have been posted here.

Important Rules

General Rules

1. Participants may claim two prompts to begin with. If you find you have completed your prompts before posting time, feel free to come back and claim another one at the claims post.

2. Prompts can only be claimed by one person. A moderator will, as immediately as possible, respond to your claims request notifying you that you have had the first claim (or not) to your prompt.

3. Co-authoring with someone else is fine, just note that in your claim.

4. Please use a beta, or at the very least use grammar/spelling check. There will be a post for folks to sign up and offer their services as betas if you don't have one.

5. Please take careful note of the important dates- especially the due date. That being said, real life has a way of throwing wrenches into plans. If you aren't going to make the posting date, you will have the opportunity to request an extension.

6. This is perhaps the most important rule of all- NO character, pairing or actor / actress bashing. No homophobic or anti-heterosexual comments will be tolerated. This fest is open to ALL fans of the cranky Dr. Gregory House. Be respectful, even of opinions differing from your own. If you see something that isn't to your taste, simply move along.

Prompt Submission Rules

1. You do not have to plan on claiming a prompt to offer one.

2. Post as many prompts as you would like during the time prompts are being accepted.

3. All topics, ships and genres are welcome. Slash, Het, Gen, AU, X-Overs, threesomes, etc., all are welcome.

4. Be as vague or as specific as you would like in your prompt.

Story and Posting Rules

1. Completed stories must be at least 500 words in length.

2. Stories must be complete as oneshots. No WIPs.

3. Stories must focus on the character of Gregory House. It may be told from another's view point, but the main focus on the story should be House himself.

4. Please do not post your story elsewhere until it has been posted at the fest community, but after that, feel free to spread it far and wide.

Suggested Posting Guidelines

Pairing or Category:

Perhaps a brief teaser of a few sentences or one paragraph of your story, followed by an LJ cut to the rest of it.

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